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The greatest reward for the Parmar family is when you find every tour with us the most enjoyable. Your satisfaction and happiness is our aim and objective. This is what we strive to accomplish and our 99 percent success ratio endorses our efforts. Since its inception, Parmar Tourism has been innovative in various ways.

We offer more than 40 Sight Seeing Inbound tour products for UAE, almost 6 Package Products for UAE, offered destination to10 products of  Europe,15 Products For Incredible India,2 products of Oceania Destination which the tourism industry has also appreciated. Consistent research for new products, themes and up-gradations keeps the entire Parmar Tourism cheerful and enthusiastic. This cheerfulness motivates us to deliver more and helps us serve our guests to the fullest.

For the year 2013 – ’14 we have come up with many new products and services, new events and fresh celebrities on a few tours. Our focus remains you, our guest. So do make the most of our large bouquet of tours on offer, which cater to all sections of society, to different budgets, tastes and requirements. Simply select the tour of your choice and make your new year truly memorable… with Parmar Tourism!

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